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The Restaurant

Dalabelos' kitchen is a vegetarian's delight. There are several dishes of organic vegetables cooked in virgin olive oil, wild herbs, salads with fragrant herbs and spices, all of them prepared in the traditional Cretan way that helps to good health, well-being and long life.

In addition, lovers of good meat dishes will be tempted to taste our meals, prepared with rabbit and chicken meat from our farm and neighboring livestock. Local wine and cheese, as well as fresh fish from Panormo - when the sea is calm - complete the world-wide famous Cretan diet. 

During breakfast, served under the shade of the mulberry tree in the courtyard, like the rest of our meals, every sense is filled with delight:

* The sense of hearing enjoys the harmony of morning birds, cicadas and flocks far away,
* The sense of vision is delighted by the beauty and grandeur of the landscape, that stretches from the sea all the way to the plains and from the hills up to the mountains,
* The sense of smell is excited by the fragrance of jasmine, lemon blossom, basil, plowed earth, coffee and herbs.
* The sense of touch is awakened by the sea breeze that crosses the plains, caresses softly the skin, reanimates body and soul during hours of calmness,
* The sense of taste, by the freshly plucked fruit, the goat milk, the yogurt, the cheese, the honey, the jam, the olives, the herb tea and the eggs of the free-range hens.


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