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Other Activities

Pottery Lab
Courses on wheel pottery and ceramics are taking place at the ceramics workshop of the estate.

Pottery Lab - 35 Euros per person (6-9 persons) only after consultation.


Evenings of traditional music are organized in the small stone amphitheater that adorns the central courtyard.

Mountain Bikes
The estate provides visitors with mountain bikes for excursions to the surrounding area.

There are hiking excursions to the surrounding area. We may organize an excursion with 60 Euros per person (8-15 persons) with almost 5 hours hiking with a guide. 

The path is a natural beauty, a stopover for rest and ends in the property for a meal included in the price. The period from July 1 to August 20 is not suitable for this activity due to high temperatures.

Multi-purpose hall

A spacious hall with a fireplace, bar and a piano, a covered terrace opening to a magnificent view is available for collective activities and seminars.

Seminars on spiritual awakening through nature.
A unique experience of spiritual exaltation, awakening and self awareness by means of experiential activities of Eco-psychology is offered by the Greek Society of Eco-psychology. It's aim is relaxation, mental wellbeing and self awareness through physical environment with the guidance of a qualified psychologist. The activities are carried out in groups for adult and groups for children, each group from 6 to 15 persons, for a period of two hours.


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